Audio Video System Michigan

Audio Video System Michigan

Are you experiencing technical difficulty or lack of know-how!?  Don’t worry! We will not send you to a call center halfway across the world! Our team will know how to walk you through the steps necessary to get back up and running. Give us a call today.

OSS also provides full service on audio, video, lighting and other electronic equipment.  We can either send a service technician out to your event site or you can bring the equipment to us.  Our tech’s will find out what the problem is and provide you with and estimate for the repair.  There are many companies that will sell you equipment here in Michigan or online, but only a few are able to repair that equipment that you purchased.  Our service team can repair your audio, lighting and video equipment to insure it is running at its best.
Our skilled team members have the experience and background necessary to help you with any of your technical problems or design.

We are experienced in the following:

Audio Engineering

Lighting Design

Project Management

Event Labor

Power Distribution

Video Projection

Set Design

Audio/Video Recording and Editing

Custom Slide Presentation Design

Graphic Design

IT Audio Visual Integration

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